Our Process

Our Process is simple and effective. It is designed to take advantage of the Information tax system and Internet Technology. Proximity or location of the client is no more a limitation. We serve our clients all over USA, Canada, UK, India and all places of world where US citizen residing and required to report income for US tax return filing purpose. Technology has changed the business process of so many industries. We have brought the latest technology to change the service level in accounting and tax industry.

  1. Scan and upload document to secured link provided by us with user name and password.
  2. Once we received all documentation, we will assign work to specialist and he will contact you for desired information.
  3. Data will be entered in our system to analysis and action to produce your final tax work papers.
  4. Follow up call to review all papers and to discuss the results based on information provided and tax laws.

Delivery of final resolution papers.