Misc. Services

Estate and Trust Planning
Beside tax planning and accounting services, we provide Trust related, Estate Planning& Trust, filling of Immigration, citizenship, OCI Visa, renunciation of Indian passport, sponsorship, visa services, renewal of Indian passport and Notarize services in preparation of documentation to submit with related authority to save your time and to make sure all paper work is completed.

Education related advise for your family
All immigrants have dream that their kids got higher education. For that you need to do financial planning from the day your son or daughter born. We will help you to advise how you can manage your finance and save money with different options for your family for higher education..
Financial Planning in Selected stocks and investments
All employees deduct their retirement funds in 401k or 403 Plan, but never spent time in selecting the best stocks. We will do analysis for you the best source to invest the money according to your offered plans by your employer to make sure your returns on investment every year is great.

Other misc. services.

Once you are regular client, we will provide you on phone service for any matters. On the tax front, we will work with you to minimize the tax liability legally. We have the required expertise to save you money and guide on different tax issues including per diem payment of your consultants in different US cities, deductibility of travel related expenses, business related entertainments expenses, travel related expense to favorite places etc.
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