Niche Service

Staffing and Consulting Industry
Though we provide general accounting and tax services to world at large, we have gained specific expertise in Staffing and Consulting industry. We have matured our service specialty in this industry and earned great credibility by having successfully served our clients for past several years. We have professionals in our staff that have worked in staffing and consulting industry as Controller and CFO. We offer to our clients what we have gained experience over years.

We understand your industry backward and forward. We know the pains and issues that you face on day to day business management; we will extend our hand to lift those problems over your head and let you focus with more energy and drive to grow your business – increasing number of consultants at higher bill rate!
We provide you the full backend support that starts from……..

Timesheet Management
You do not have to worry anymore whether the consultant on project has sent you the timesheets or not. We will keep track of it. Our system has perfected over time. All the timesheet are fax to our toll free number. A soft copy is redirected to you as well for your own record, if you want to. If client signed timesheet is not received on time (by Monday afternoon), an email is sent out to the respective employee / consultant as a follow up to remind him / her about sending the timesheet. You can log on to our website to see the status of timesheet received anytime 24 X 7.

Invoice Preparation
Time is money. I know how tight the cash management gets when you don’t get paid on time by your clients and you have to pay your own employee pay checks and payroll taxes. We prepare invoice as soon as we get the timesheet (within 24 hrs). The prepared invoice is immediately email to the client in PDF, if you want us to. We can also send you the soft copy of the invoice if you prefer to send the invoice to your client by yourself.

Invoice payment Received
Once you receive the payment, fax / email us the payment receipt at our toll free number. We will update the system right away.

Accounts Receivables Aging Report
You might be well concerned about the unpaid invoices. We will generate monthly as well as weekly AR Aging reports and send it to you as PDF to look at. It is very important to know

  • Which clients are falling behind in payment?
  • Find out the slow paying customers
  • Know how much behind these clients are?
  • Recheck the under or over invoice amount
  • Dual check for missing invoice

Open Invoice Report

This report summarizes all invoices that your company has open and unpaid. It also list down the number of days it is past due. Would you not be interested to know client invoices that is over 90 days past due? Don’t you think that a timely collection effort would avoid a potential loss of entire invoice amount?

Profitability by Consultants
Has it ever crossed your mind as to “How much profit are you making per consultant” Our report will open your eyes and answer questions like:

  • I am making profit per consultant but where the money is?
  • I am short in cash to pay employees but my books show profit, I don’t understand.
  • Employee / consultant is asking for a raise, how to satisfy them.

These questions are critical and very important for successful business management. You just can’t ignore it for ever. Get the answers to your question!

Business Profitability
Full business profitability report is available to you on monthly basis. This will reflect the profit earned during the period and where does your balance sheet stand as of date. It will list down all your assets and liabilities giving full picture of your business.
Tax Preparation and Planning
On the tax front, we will work with you to minimize the tax liability legally. We have the required expertise to save you money and guide on different tax issues including per diem payment of your consultants in different US cities, deductibility of travel related expenses, business related entertainments expenses, travel related expense to favorite places etc.
Payroll Processing
With our full payroll processing department, you no more have to go to the big service payroll bureau like ADP, paycheck etc. You have it right here what you get from the big players and more personal attention and customer care that you have come to know us about. We provide online web based payroll processing services with the ability to let you access the entire payroll information 24 X 7 from your desktop. The added features include direct deposit of paychecks, federal taxes, online filing of 941, and 940 forms; printing of W 2 etc. and many more…..

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