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Singh Tax & Accounting Services LLC offers practical and effective tax and financial planning solutions to improve operations, maximize profits and grow your business by analysis of your existing business scenarios, with proposed solution with latest Information technology related implementation to save the time and money.

Mr. MP Singh have Master in Taxation, Enrolled Agent  and specialization in  domestic and international taxation leading business advisors and planning expert in your taxation matters.  We provide consulting services that amount to substantial amount of savings to our clients if such financial deals are rightly guided through. It includes a better financial planning approach, evaluating the financial statements of the selling company, looking at the tax strategies to minimize the tax liability ( to take the maximum possible tax advantage) , payment terms etc. Tax laws are tricky and many tax planning stems from the right selection of entity formation for the purpose of tax planning.

We provide comprehensive tax planning and financial services for professional services firms including architects, doctors, dentists, law firms, hi-tech, trucking business, liquor store business, taxi, rental properties and more. We also advise the best approach on saving available to build

Our services include:

Not one size fits all, therefore, no one type of business entity will be the best choice for all types of tax payers. Each tax payers has its own advantage and disadvantages and tax scenario. Therefore, it is important that individual tax scenario is looked at and worked out accordingly. Additionally, a particular entity type may be best suited for a taxpayer today may not be the best choice down the road. Tax laws keep changing. We make sure that our tax payers’ interests are kept intact by due diligence and proper planning. According to your need and business requirement, we will help you to choose the best entity formation out of following as  to form a business:- Entity formation choice that is widely available are:

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • LLC
  • C Corporation
  • S Corporation

Other Misc. Services

  • Education related advise to investments available for your children
  • Estate and Tax Planning
  • Tax Planning on your retirements

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